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Product and cooperation strategy for canoe tourism in the Masurian Landscape Park



Förderverein Feldberg-Uckermärkische Seenlandschaft e.V. (regional development association)

Task / Mission

Development of strategies to resolve conflicts between canoe tourism and nature conservation along the Krutynia in the Masurian Landscape Park (Poland).
An international exchange of experiences and knowledge between representatives of German large scale conservation areas (Nature Park “Uckermärkische Seen”, Müritz National Park) which have successfully implemented canoe routes / guiding systems and representatives of the Masurian Landscape Park should be the basis for nature-friendly canoe tourism around the Krutynia.


  1. International cooperation structure;
  2. Organization of excursions (Germany / Poland) and events to exchange experiences between the involved players;
  3. Developing a program of measures for the "Canoe guidance and information system Krutynia";
  4. Training of local canoe businesses in the fields of quality, service and nature-friendly canoe tourism in cooperation with the National Association of Canoe Tourism (BKT);
  5. Development of trilingual (English, Polish, German) information media (canoe guidance system / information boards, flyers, website).

Benefit / Results

By establishing an international cooperation it was possible to transfer experiences from German projects onto the Polish project partners and to create awareness for sustainable canoe tourism on the local level. Trilingual information media for canoeists offer important information about canoeing on the Krutynia. In addition, a working group “Canoe Tourism” was established, which has accompanied the further development of the water guidance system after completion of the project.


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