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Advent Zacchaeus Parish of Berlin

Task / Mission

The project focused on long-term preservation of architecturally significant fortified churches by touristic development of the Transylvanian region. Tourism networking and international communication of the fortified churches and their guest houses - which partly belong to the UNESCO World Heritage - supported the development of tourism products. These products can significantly contribute to the financing of urgently needed renovation and maintenance work on the fortified churches. Furthermore, additional value could be generated and the situation of the local population could be improved by the involvement of local suppliers (catering, direct marketing, etc.).


  1. Coordination and touristic advice for project partners in Germany and Romania;
  2. Inspection of the area and councelling for the operators of the fortified church guest houses;
  3. Organisation of local events;
  4. Implementation of a travel guide in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of the Transylvanian Fortified Churches;
  5. Conception and design of the website

Benefit / Results

Involving a large number of volunteers, a total of 56 hiking trails were marked for touristic connections between the fortified churches. The public awareness for the region has been increased by publishing the travel guide: “Siebenbürgen - Gästehäuser und Wanderwege in der Kirchenburglandschaft” ("Transylvania: Guest Houses and Hiking Trails in the Fortified Church Landscape”) in German language and the trilingual (German, Romanian, English) website, which offers international access to the touristic information.


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