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Water tourism development concept in the Luxembourg Mosel Valley



Miselerland LEADER Local Action Group (Grevenmacher / Luxembourg )

Task / Mission

The Luxembourg region of Miselerland offers not only a 36 km section of the Moselle river, but also the upper reaches of the border river Sauer, the nature reserve and recreation area of the lagoon Remich with various lakes, wetlands, vineyards and traditional orchards. Directly on the river Moselle located is the village of Schengen, well known by the “Schengen Agreement”. The touristic potentials of the region have not been sufficiently exploited so far. The water tourism development concept was aimed to elaborate the landside and waterside touristic potentials and to develop proposals for required measures to upgrade the region for water tourism.


  1. Analysis of potentials for water tourism along the river Moselle. Inventory of landside and waterside attractions on the river Moselle and interviews with tourism representatives.
  2. Development and coordination of development objectives and strategies.
  3. Development of a mission statement and measures concept for each of the Moselle locations.
  4. Recommendations for networking with the entire region as well as with Germany and France.
  5. Recommendations for tourism marketing.

Benefit / Results

The concept shows the water touristic potential for each of the 12 municipalities on the river Moselle in Luxembourg and recommends detailed measures for infrastructure and service development. The concept was highly appreciated by the responsible ministers for tourism and agriculture, the local Entente Touristique and the representatives of the various communities. The existing cooperation with the German and French Moselle region and the combination of water and bicycle tourism are intensified by the concept. Also it includes advice for the proposed establishment of an Office régional du tourisme.


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