BTE Tourismus- und Regionalberatung

Conference "Measuring Sustainability in Tourism - Opportunities and Limitations."




Empirical Perspective on Tourism and Sustainable Development Goals
Elisa Tonda, Head of Consumption and Production Unit, Economy Division – UNEP

Measuring Sustainability of Tourism in Germany – Criteria, indicators and data sources
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Strasdas / Martin Balas, University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde,
Center for Sustainable Tourism (ZENAT)

National Accounting Statistics versus Indicators. Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Franziska Neumann/Lisa Sophie Becker/Dr. Anselm Mattes, DIW Econ

South Tyrol (Italy): Applied Sustainability Monitoring of the UNWTO Tourism Observatories
Greta Erschbamer, Researcher at Center for Advanced Studies, Eurac Research

Europoean regional cases for data measurement to better manage destinations
Marta Domper Marsal, Project Officer at NECSTouR, Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism

Workshop 1: Scales of Sustainability Data Collection: From Global to Local Tourism Level
Raúl Hernández-Martín, Head of the Chair in Tourism CajaCanarias-Ashotel-University of La Laguna

Workshop 3: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: A framework towards transforming tourism? A focus on social components
Laura Jäger, Policy Advisor for Tourism and Development, Tourism Watch – Brot für die Welt

Workshop 4: Empiric Solutions for Cross-Border Aspects of Sustainability (focus on emissions of greenhouse gas)
Dr. Paul Peeters, Professor sustainable tourism transport at the Centre for Sustainability, Tourism & Transport (CSTT), Breda University of Applied Sciences

Workshop 5: Demand-side Indicators for Sustainable Holiday Travel: What consumers can tell us
Dr. Dirk Schmücker, Head of Research, NIT – Institute for Tourism and Research in Northern Europe
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